Your Guide to the Dining Plan for Walt Disney World

We are so excited to share details of Walt Disney World dining plans! This means our clients have the opportunity to take advantage of all the benefits that a Disney Dining Plan brings to families during their Walt Disney World Resorts vacation in Florida. The more you understand the dining plan options available for your family, the better equipped you are to maximize its benefits. Make sure to consult with one of our travel agents after reading this blog to see if you should be considering the Disney Dining Plan for your upcoming magical vacation.

What is the Disney Dining Plan?

The Disney Dining Plan is available to guests as a vacation package add-on for prepaid meal credits. These meal credits allow guests to enjoy a variety of dining and snacking experiences throughout the duration of their stay at Walt Disney World Resort. As a way for Disney to enhance the overall vacation experience, offering a dining plan can allow guests to get an all-inclusive feel while giving them the ultimate flexibility and a convenient way to budget for meals. Once your travel agent has added a dining plan to your vacation package, your family will then have a certain amount of pre-purchased meal credits that can be used towards table-service meals, quick-service meals, and even snacks. In general, one meal or snack equals one credit.

Guests will have two dining plans to choose from, which simplifies the decision for families. These two plans are the Disney Dining Plan (Table Service Plan) and the Disney Quick-Service Dining Plan.

Here are some important things to note about the Disney Dining Plan:

•Dining plans can only be added to a Disney Resort hotel stay and tickets package. Disney Annual Pass Holders and DVC members may also book a Disney Resort Hotel stay and add a dining plan (speak with your travel agent for full details).

•The dining plan considers kids ages 3-9 years old and adults ages 10+ years of age.

•For one of the dining plans to be added to your Disney vacation package, everyone must have it who is booked under the same reservation. The dining plans cannot be split amongst your group.

• Higher-end signature restaurants may require two meal credits.

• Credits are granted based on the number of nights within a reservation and expire at midnight on the reservation checkout date.

• The Disney Dining Plan is expected to allot 1 table service meal credit per night, 1 quick-service meal credit per night, 1 snack credit per night, and 1 resort-refillable drink mug per guest ages 3 and up.

• The Disney Quick-Service Dining Plan is expected to allot 2 quick-service meal credits per night, 1 snack credit per night, and 1 resort-refillable drink mug per guest ages 3 and up.

• Alcoholic beverages may be included for guests ages 21+.

What is Different in 2024?

For those who have been familiar with the former Disney Dining Plans, you will notice that there are some differences after 2024. In 2024, visitors can look forward to an option between two types of plans, The Disney Dining Plan and The Disney Quick-Service Dining Plan. Guests no longer have the option to choose from the Disney Deluxe Dining Plan or the Disney Dining Plan Plus. This doesn’t mean that more options will not be available in the future, but as of right now, there will only be two dining plan options. Another difference in the dining plans guests may notice right away is the price. The pricing for adults has gone up while the pricing for children has slightly decreased. For more information on pricing of the new Disney Dining Plans, contact one of our Disney specialists who would be happy to go over whether or not you should be considering a dining plan for your upcoming Disney World vacation.

Some other differences in the dining plans are restaurants that are available to dine at and/or how many credits are needed to dine there. Alcoholic beverage inclusions are also available to guests 21+ years old for both dining plans. To stay up to date on all Disney Dining Plan news, check the official Walt Disney World Resort website before your travel.

We are thrilled to guide you through the essential details that will shape your upcoming Disney vacation. With the dining plans making a comeback, families can once again enjoy the multitude of benefits they bring to the Disney experience.

Whether it’s the convenience, flexibility, or all-inclusive feel that appeals to you, understanding the ins and outs of the Disney Dining Plan is key to maximizing its advantages. With these exciting Disney developments, we invite you to consult with one of our dedicated travel agents to explore how the Disney Dining Plan can elevate your upcoming Disney World adventure.

Are you looking for a little more information on the Disney Dining Plan? Click below to get your essential Disney Dining Plan guide. Not only will we simplify all the plan details but we’ll also include our top snacks and restaurants!

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