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1. Personalized consultation

Imagine kicking back, all cozy with a cup of your favorite drink, while we embark on a journey together to uncover the trip of your dreams. Here at Fantasyworks Travel, consultations are like those heart-to-heart chats with a friend who's been where you want to go - and has all the insider tips.

We dive deep into your travel wishes, sprinkle in our expertise, and start sketching out a vacation planner blueprint that's as unique as your family. It's all about understanding what you love, what you're eager to discover, and how we can make it happen within your budget.

It's personal, it's tailored, and it's the first step to your next incredible adventure.

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2. tailored Proposal

Now, this is where the magic starts to take shape. We've had our chat, and we've shared some laughs and dreams. We'll take it from there and craft a proposal tailored with your destinations, hideaways, and experiences that speak to your family's spirit and style.

Our proposals detail all the elements of your potential getaway with everything you need to know to make an informed decision, delivered in an easy to read digital format.

You can provide feedback and we will revise and tweak it until it's the 'happily ever after' to your travel story-in-the-making.

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3. detailed Planning

Here is where we roll up our sleeves and get down to business, making sure every "t" is crossed and every "I" is dotted. With Fantasyworks Travel, vacation planner planning isn't just about booking flights and rooms - it's an art form.

We harmonize all of the moving parts of your vacation and customize it to your travel preferences. Whether you want an on-the-go sightseeing adventure, relaxing beach time, or the perfect balance of both, we perfect this to the needs of your family.

This stage also provides all of the tips, tricks, travel requirements, vacation planner, and recommendations you need to be an informed traveler to fully get your money's worth out of your vacation dollars.

All at your fingertips, through our trip plans app so you can access on the go!

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4. during your vacation

While you are out there making memories, we're just a call away, ready to swoosh in with assistance or advice.

Need a last minute restaurant recommendation? Got a sudden craving for an off-the-beaten-path adventure? No Problem!

The support we provide while you're on vacation offers a sense of boundless freedom, a vacation planner enabling you to explore endlessly with the peace of mind that we've go your back.

And when things go sideways, as they sometimes do, we'll be there to help navigate you back to smooth sailing.

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What Our Clients are Saying

Roberta Jenkins
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"I would like to thank Summer for you did with helping plan our Disney vacation, my daughter & I had a fantastic time. Thanks with the help with Beaches & Cream, greatly appreciated & for waking up early to get us on the Star Wars ride. It was an awesome ride. I will definitely let my friends and family know about you if they are planning a Disney vacation. Take care."
Tanner Corbin
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"Fantasyworks Travel was so helpful to plan our first Disney vacation. They provided excellent advice but also gave us resources at our fingertips to use throughout the trip, which took away the stress. They really listened to what we wanted and delivered just that. I'd highly recommend!"
Kristin Lott
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"Summer is absolutely amazing to work with! She is very attentive and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend!"
Trish Grant
Trish Grant
Read More
We waited 17 years to take this trip. It was amazing. Everything was in place when we arrived, all we had to do was have fun. There were no surprises. I knew everything to expect based on what we were told. Summer Cox is the best. She went over everything with me and even answered some questions while we were there. Couldn't have been better!!!
Michelle Gilliam
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Fantasyworks (aka Summer) did an awesome job getting a vacation together for my family. She planned everything quickly and efficiently in under a month! We had the best vacation and all her tips and tricks were priceless! I highly recommend this service for anyone!
Jenna Roberson
Read More
Summer is AMAZING! She made the booking process so easy, and was able to snag us some hard-to-get experiences!
Meagan Louk
Read More
Summer was AMAZING. We decided last minute to go to Disney World for our first time ever, we only had maybe 40-45 days before our trip. Summer went above and beyond funding us a great resort, doing our park reservations, planning our dining, and making sure we weren’t completely clueless once we got there. It made planning our days and just getting to enjoy the parks so much easier!! She even woke up super early to help us score Rise of Resistance boarding passes. We would absolutely recommend Summer to anyone looking to book a Disney trip!!

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