Unveiling Tranquility at Secrets Saint Martin: Embracing the Serene Getaway

Embark on a personal journey of serenity and tranquility as we delve into the captivating experience of Secrets Saint Martin. Nestled on the French side of the island, this resort offers a peaceful oasis that allows guests to escape the bustle of everyday life. Join us as we explore the beauty of the private beach, soak in the stunning views, indulge in delightful culinary offerings, and immerse ourselves in the resort’s intimate entertainment options. Secrets Saint Martin is the perfect destination for those seeking a quiet and rejuvenating getaway.

Island Information

Saint Martin is a beautiful island located in the Caribbean. What makes it unique is that it is divided into two distinct parts: the French side, known as Saint Martin, and the Dutch side, known as Sint Maarten.

The French side, Saint Martin, is more relaxed and laid-back. It offers a charming blend of Caribbean and European influences. You’ll find picturesque villages like Grand Case, with its colorful houses and fantastic dining options. The French side is also known for its stunning beaches, such as Orient Bay and Anse Marcel.

On the other hand, the Dutch side, Sint Maarten, is vibrant and bustling. It has a lively atmosphere with plenty of entertainment options, including casinos, nightclubs, and duty-free shopping. Our excursion guide also let us know that it is legal to drink and drive and have open containers so just be aware of that, especially if driving around at night. Maho Beach is a popular spot on the Dutch side, famous for its close proximity to Princess Juliana International Airport, where planes fly directly overhead.

Both sides of the island offer beautiful beaches, delicious cuisine, and a wide range of activities. The French side has a more relaxed and understated vibe, while the Dutch side is known for its lively nightlife and entertainment.

Saint Martin is also known for its clothing-optional beaches. We did experience a little of this on our trip, including the beach at Secrets St Martin. Just be aware of it, especially if you are traveling with children. You can do a google search to get more information about which beaches are popular for this.

Secrets Saint Martin: The Resort

Upon arriving at Secrets Saint Martin, we were immediately captivated by the resort’s picturesque location and serene ambiance. The views up on the hil coming into the resort are incredible. The resort is hidden in a little cove surrounded by the hills on both sides making it secluded and private in nature.

In addition to the captivating beauty and serene ambiance, Secrets Saint Martin bears a remarkable story of resilience in the face of adversity. Let’s delve into the history of this extraordinary resort, exploring its journey through the devastating impact of Hurricane Irma and the subsequent challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

This resort had previously the RIU Palace resort since 2008, but was heavily damaged by category 5 Hurricane Irma in 2017 and remained closed until it was purchased by Secrets in 2019. Secrets completely transformed the property and it reopened as Secrets St Martin in 2020.

COVID caused another major setback and the resort was finally able to open in April 2021.

The resort features 258 luxurious suites including some swim out suites and views of mountains, marina or gardens. It’s located only 35 minutes from the Princess Juliana Airport it’s an amazing location and a quick easy drive. The resort is all-inclusive and includes all of your dining and beverages.

There are 5 bars and lounges, although they weren’t all open at the time of our visit. One of them is located in the Preferred club lounge, one outside by the lobby, 2 at the pool/beach and a sports bar which was closed.

It also features the largest infinity pool in the caribbean and is absolutely beautiful. Plenty of room to spread out. There is a swim up section to the bar as well. There was a volleyball net set up on one section and they did a foam party during the afternoon. One thing I was shocked about is there wasn’t a hot tub outdoors. There is one located in the spa (which we were not able to visit), but you have to book spa services to use it. 

The resort also features a fitness center, a large ballroom for events, an outdoor wedding gazebo.

Check out our quick resort overview below!

Secrets Saint Martin: The Room

We were originally booked into a mountain-view room; however, when I inquired about it they said the garden view was much better and I don’t disagree… our balcony overlooked the pool for the swimout suites, the grounds (which were beautiful) and way to the right we could see the ocean.

The room itself was basic. The AC worked great which was important for us! I loved the vibrant colors. We did notice a bit of a musty smell when we first walked in, but it didn’t bother us too much. 

The bathroom only had one sink and we could have benefited from two; however, the layout wouldn’t allow. Even though their was plenty of counter space, the counter ran into the shower. The shower had an open doorway, and a rain shower head with a removable hand sprayer as

well. The restroom had a separate glass door, and we weren’t really a fan of the glass for the restroom door.

The King bed was super comfortable! There were curtains that made a half-circle around the bed. The resort has the european outlets; however, there were plenty of USB plugs on both sides of the bed as well as on the desk so you would probably be ok there. 

There is a large desk area with a chair, television, table with 2 chairs and a sofa.

There is a stocked mini fridge that had cokes, beers and water. There were also peanut m&ms and peanuts and all of this was re-stocked daily. There is a coffee pot with coffee, cream and sugar as well.

For storage, there was a large full length closet to hang dresses, etc. There is another closet which featured some shelving, safe, and some hanging space with 2 plush robes. There was also an umbrella which I found pretty cool.

Overall, the rooms were cool, pretty and comfortable which was sufficient for what we needed.

Check out our room tour below!

Secrets Saint Martin: Dining

During our stay at Secrets Saint Martin, we discovered that the resort offers a limited number of dining options. While this may seem restrictive to some, it added to the charm and intimacy of the experience. 

Each evening, the resort rotated its dining venues, allowing guests to enjoy a variety of flavors and settings. From romantic beachside dinners to cozy indoor settings, the culinary journey at Secrets Saint Martin delighted our taste buds and created a sense of anticipation for each new evening. 

There was a buffet for breakfast and lunch and sit down ala carte dining for dinner. There was also a quick service place by the pool serving burgers, hot dogs, nachos and salads. Room Service was also available for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Secrets Saint Martin: Entertainment

As we explored the resort’s entertainment offerings, we discovered that Secrets Saint Martin embraces a more laid-back and intimate approach. While there were no grand shows or extensive entertainment options, the resort featured live music each evening from 8:30 to 10:00 pm. The gentle melodies filled the air, providing a soothing soundtrack to our evenings, and allowing us to relax and enjoy the company of loved ones. The focus on simplicity and quietude truly complemented the serene atmosphere of the resort.

While we were unable to visit the spa during our visit, there are numerous services available for you to unwind and relax. Just make sure to check the hours. We visited in the off-season and the hours were more limited. We were only there for 3 nights so we didn’t get a chance to check it out.

Secrets Saint Martin: The Beach

Secrets Saint Martin’s greatest asset is undoubtedly its private beach. With soft (the softest I have ever sank my feet into), white sand stretching along the shore and crystal-clear waters gently lapping at the coastline, the beach offered a secluded sanctuary for relaxation. 

It’s great for those a little shy about swimming in the ocean and we didn’t see more than a couple small fish.

We spent countless hours lounging under swaying palm trees, basking in the sun’s warm embrace, and taking refreshing dips in the azure sea. The unspoiled beauty and seclusion of the beach allowed us to disconnect from the outside world and find solace in the tranquility of the surroundings.

There is a spot to rent a sea-doo if that’s your thing, but not much else for watersports. There is a little boardwalk area in the resort complex with a Yacht charter but we didn’t really look into the cost of that. For excursions, we just took a taxi over to the marina close to the cruise port to catch our excursion (more on that later).

Saint Martin: Exploration

After reading some of the reviews about the lack of activities at Secrets Saint Martin, we decided to book an excursion to get out and see the other side of the island. We are so glad we did! We chose Captain Bob’s Speed Boat/Snorkeling/Beach Tour and Lunch. It was fabulous! We went to several different beaches to explore and snorkel! We saw fish, sea turtles, coral and other sea life. It was great to see all of the different areas and the beautiful landscape around the island. Check this one out for yourself here.

Our experience at Secrets Saint Martin was truly a retreat into serenity and relaxation. The resort’s focus on offering a peaceful getaway, intimate dining experiences, light entertainment through live music, and access to a stunning private beach provided the perfect ingredients for a rejuvenating vacation. The clean and comfortable rooms, along with the abundance of food and drinks, further enhanced our stay. For those seeking a quiet escape to unwind and reconnect with nature, Secrets Saint Martin is an enchanting destination that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

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