The Key to a Successful Family Vacation

Thinking about taking a family vacation? That’s great! There are so many benefits to escaping everyday life with the ones you love – quality time, trying new things, exploring new foods – just to name a few. But how do you ensure your vacation is one the whole family will enjoy when there are so many things to consider? Flights. Resort. Transportation. Activities. Interests. Ages. Abilities. Time of year. The list goes on and it can be overwhelming! Well, I’m about to reveal the single thing that can help your family vacation go off without a hitch and have everyone looking forward to the next one …

A travel agent!

Yes – a single person can help make your dream vacation a reality. But how?


Travel agents stay up to date with destination news and events. Time is spent learning about and researching the destinations they serve so that they can help guide their clients to the destinations that fit their needs best. This means that they can be sure that grandpa gets the rest and relaxation he wants while the grandkids have plenty of activities to keep them busy.


Whether a flight gets canceled, or the world shuts down due to a pandemic, your travel agent will know what to do and be able to assist you with changes. This sometimes includes spending hours on the phone with airlines and vendors making the changes necessary to save your investment and trip.


They know what activities are available that your family would love and will make you aware of these for you to enhance your trip.


The American Society of Travel Agents published a study that shared that on average clients save $452 per vacation. That is some great spending money for your trip! This may come in the form of finding discounts through price monitoring or helping you to avoid costly mistakes during the booking and planning process. Either way, they bring monetary value to your vacation investment!


Your travel agent will be your single point of contact. If you have a question, need something changed, or need to make a payment, you can go directly to them to take care of it for you. This gives you more time to pack and dream about your trip and less time searching for confirmation numbers and on hold with the vacation vendors!

So why stress over how you are going to find the best resort that fits everyone’s needs and hours on the phone or on booking engines when you can lean on a professional? If you want your vacation to be one that everyone enjoys, there’s no question… look to your travel agent to get the job done!

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