Meet Summer

Pic of Summer Cox

Owner/Travel Advisor

Yukon, OK


Travel Specialties: Disney Destinations, Universal, Cruising and All-Inclusive Resorts, Caribbean, Hawaii, Family Travel

Hey there! I’m Summer, the proud owner and CEO of Fantasyworks Travel. My love for travel not only fueled my own adventures but also inspired me to build an agency centered on the family and empower other travel advisors to follow their love for travel.

As a parent, I quickly realized the value of family time and the incredible memories that travel can create. Seeing the joy on my children’s faces during our trips brought me an immense sense of fulfillment. I wanted to share that feeling with other families and help them create their own special moments.

Alongside curating unforgettable travel experiences, I discovered a deep passion for leading and mentoring others who shared my love for exploring the world. I wanted to provide a platform for aspiring travel advisors to begin a career fueled by their own passion for travel. Through guidance, support and sharing experiences, I aspire to empower them to make a difference in the lives of their clients. 

At Fantasyworks Travel, we don’t just plan vacations; we create a sense of togetherness, bonding and adventure for families. We believe that travel is an incredible opportunity for families to connect, create lasting memories, and grow closer. Every trip we plan is tailored to the unique needs and desires of each family, ensuring that their travel experience reflects their values and dreams.

In addition to serving families, we take great pride in mentoring and supporting a team of passionate travel advisors. I believe that by fostering their love for travel and providing them with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed, we can collectively make a positive impact in the travel industry. 

So, whether you’re a family longing for a magical vacation, or an aspiring travel advisor looking to embark on a career infused with the love for travel, Fantasyworks Travel is here for you.

We’re dedicated to curating extraordinary experiences, nurturing the spirit of adventure, and bringing families closer through the power of travel.