Pin trading at Walt Disney World

Pin trading is a fun tradition at Walt Disney World. It’s fun to complete collections of pins and take home some new souvenirs each trip! It’s great for older kids and teens who may have outgrown some of the other Disney souvenirs. They are relatively cheap compared to other items (although addictive and hard to buy just one!) and they are small so can easily be transported back home. Here is a little more about how pin trading works.

What is Pin Trading?

Pin trading is exactly what it sounds like… collecting Disney pins and trading with someone else. 

  • Cast Members throughout the parks (and Disney Springs) can be seen wearing lanyards filled with tradable pins. Those with black lanyards can trade with people of all ages but cast members wearing green/teal lanyards are only permitted to trade with kids.
Disney Pin Trading
© Disney
  • Pin boards filled with tradable pins are also scattered throughout the parks in places like Big Top Souvenirs. There are even secret pin boards that only appear during certain times of day in specifically unnoticeable spots.

Basic Pin Trading Rules

  • Pin trading is always free and your choice to trade! Cast members must agree to trade any official Disney pin you request.
  • Make sure you purchase authentic metal Disney pins. These pins will be stamped ©Disney on the back. Make sure they have the Mickey Mouse ear backing and are in good shape! Think about whether you would like to receive the pin you’re trading.
  • Be aware that there is a 2 pin per person trading rule. You can’t just go up to a cast member or pin board and trade all of the pins you see. Pick your favorite 2, trade them and move on.

How to get started

  • Start by buying a Disney pin lanyard before you get to the park. Many of these lanyards come with a starter set of pins. These are great because if your goal is to trade them, you don’t have to buy the most expensive set. A cheap set will do! You can find them on the Disney site or even Etsy and Amazon! Just make sure you are buying authentic Disney pins with the Mickey Mouse back.
  • If you want to buy several pins to trade, consider purchasing authentic Disney trading pins online in bulk. You will pay a fraction of what you would pay at the Disney parks.
  • When you start looking for places to trade pins at the Disney parks, you will find that there are several hidden pin boards secretly located throughout each of the four Disney parks as well as in Disney Springs. Ask at stores and look for them at places like kiosks and checkout counters.
  • There are several ways to display your pin collection. You can purchase pin books or bags at most souvenir shops. You can also just put them on a lanyard, backpack or vest.

Types of Disney pins

  • Rare Pins – When you are trading Disney pins, you should always look for the rare Disney pins. Some pins are more valuable than others. These pins are typically limited edition, completer or chaser pins.
  • Limited Edition Pins – Some pins are only released for certain events, parties, Disney Visa card members or only for Disney annual pass-holders. These pins are considered rare because not everyone can purchase them! 

Typically these Disney limited edition pins are dated. If you see a pin with a date, it might be worth taking a second look to see if you want to add it to your own Disney pin collection.

  • Completer Pins – Other rare Disney pins are completer pins. These are pins that complete a set. While most of the set might be relatively easy to find, there is always one pin that is considered the “completer”. Disney did not produce as many as this pin and makes it harder to find in circulation. You will know you have found a Disney Completer pin if it says ‘Completer Pin’ on the back.
  • Chaser Pins – If you happen upon a silver pin (without any color), you have found a rare Disney pin. These colorless pins are called ‘Chaser’ pins and are only traded by cast members! While not as rare as the ‘Completer’ pin, a ‘Chaser’ pin can only be received through trading.

Mystery trading boxes and Mickey themed boards

Disney has recently announced pin trading mystery boxes and Mickey-themed boards – a new, interactive ad fun way to trade official Disney trading pins. Here’s how it works:

  •  Guests can locate a cast member with a pin trading mystery box or Mickey-themed board and present a pin to exchange.
  • Mystery trading boxes – Guests select a drawer from the pin box numbered 1-24 and will be presented with their mystery pin in exchange for their Disney pin.
  • Mickey-themed boards – Guests can search the trading board for the Disney pin they would like to trade. The cast member will exchange it for their Disney pin.

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Disney Pin Trading 101

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