Well, Disney has yet again released another update to the Virtual Queue times at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The most recent change was a change in distribution times of 10am and 2pm to 7am and 2pm as well as a change stating that you could obtain a boarding pass beginning at 7am from outside the park as long as you had a park pass reservation for that day. This definitely helped out with those that may only go to the park if they are wanting to obtain a boarding pass and discouraged those that were not successful at 7am. Beginning tomorrow, December 20, the distribution times are changing yet again. The new distribution times will be 7am and 1pm. So at 7am you can attempt to obtain a boarding pass outside the park; however, at 1pm you will have to be inside the park to gain access. We this is in direct response to the new park hopping rules in which the parks begin eligibility to park hop starting at 2pm. But Disney has already stated that in order to obtain a boarding pass for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, you had to have a park reservation and would not be able to park hop to Hollywood Studios and obtain a boarding group. So it makes sense that they would change the distribution time to 1pm. Stay tuned for any new updates!