New Disney Updates

Walt Disney World has released some major updates for 2024 Vacation Packages! Planning a vacation to Walt Disney World will become easier and more flexible in 2024! Let’s get into the details!

2024 Vacation Packages

Most of us have been anxiously awaiting the announcement and it has finally arrived! Walt Disney World Vacation packages for 2024 will be available for booking beginning May 31st, 2023! Vacation packages will look a little bit different in 2024! Disney has been consistently bringing back more and more that focuses on the Guests experience!

No More Park Reservations!

That’s right… your eyes are not playing tricks on you! Since the Pandemic, Walt Disney World vacations looked a little different in the planning process. Park reservations had to be made for the first park you planned to visit each day. This took away a lot of the flexibility and spontaneity of a Walt Disney World vacation. Well, starting January 9th, 2024 date-based tickets will no longer require park reservations! YAY! Date-based tickets are the majority of the tickets sold and are what is included in a vacation package. Date-based simply means that you choose a date to begin using the ticket when you book your vacation.

Disney Dining Plans

This is probably the #1 request I get. Whether or not the Disney Dining Plans actually save you money or not is still up in the air; however, there is a huge benefit in the convenience factor. Having a dining plan added onto your vacation package just means one less thing to worry about on your vacation. It gives more of an “all-inclusive” experience. You are more likely to order what you want from the menu when you aren’t focused on the price, resulting in a better overall dining experience. We do not have a ton of information on these or the pricing. Prior to the pandemic, there were 4 dining plans. The 4th one was actually added just before the Pandemic. Now, we know that beginning Jan 9th, 2024, there will be 2 dining packages to choose from.. The Quick Service Dining Plan and The Disney Dining Plan.

The dining packages will still use credits based on the number of nights of your stay and the members in your party. You are able to use your dining credits however you would like through midnight on the day of your check-out date. This provides great flexibility in planning your Disney dining.

Disney Genie+ Updates

Disney is making changes to Disney+ (once again). We are excited about this change as one of the complaints about Disney Genie+ is the inability to plan ahead. Currently, Disney Genie+ cannot be purchased until the day of your visit. This limits the amount of pre-planning you can do prior to your vacation and it keeps you glued to your device while you are in the parks. Disney has stated that they are working on some ways to plan with Disney Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lanes in advance of their visit. This sounds like something more similar to the previous Fast Passes. We will update when we have more information.

There you go folks! These are the latest updates for Walt Disney World. It was a busy week! I have a wait list currently for 2024 Disney Vacation Packages to start working through once the booking window opens on May 31st. If you want to start planning your 2024 Disney vacation, you can jump ahead by filling out our vacation request form through the button below. Start your Disney vacation off on the right foot by using one of our expert advisors to help your family bring the Disney magic to life.

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