One of the many benefits to staying at a Disney Resort hotel is the ability to use Disney’s Magical Express Service. In the past, you would check your bags at your departing airport and not see them again until they magically appear in your hotel room later that day. Then when you were ready to leave, you would check your bags at the airline check-in desk at your hotel and not deal with them again until you arrive in your home airport.

While the Magical Express Transportation Service will still be available, it will be modified. The luggage delivery service will not be offered as part of the modified service. Once you arrive at Orlando International Airport, you will need to  collect your checked bags and bring them to Disney’s Magical Express Motorcoach to be loaded.  Luggage assistance will be available at the resort hotels including luggage storage and/or transport to the room. 

The Resort airline check-in service will not be available during this time. Upon departure, guests will need to make sure their luggage is with them and is transported on the Magical Express Motorcoach to be checked by the guest upon arrival at the airport.