MAGICAL… That’s the one word I would constantly use to describe my journey on Disney Wonder. I’m one of those typical “adults” that would say I don’t want to do a KID type cruise. I don’t want to be around all those kids, and I don’t want to go to kid activities (you get the point). My perception is TOTALLY different after spending four nights on this “Magical” cruise. Let me just give you a bit of my background. I’ve cruised on several different cruise lines over the past 16 years. I’ve grown to love the unpack-one-time mentality, letting everyone wait on me, cook for me, clean for me, make my bed daily, provide fresh towels. . . the list is endless. As a mom of a 9-year-old, vacations always seem to be more “work” & less fun for Moms. But cruising lets everyone get what they want out of a vacation. 

So, when I was given an opportunity to experience that cruise line with “all those kids,” I didn’t hesitate for a moment. I said “this should be interesting but maybe I’ll walk away with a different view of this kids type of cruise.”

Embarkation Day

We had a scheduled time to check in on the ship. It was a smooth process and well organized. As long as you put yourself in vacation mode, then even waiting in line isn’t bad. I provided my necessary documents, and onto the ship I went. Everyone I encountered during embarkation was just as excited as I was. Once on board, we hit the ground running. We walked every floor just trying to get our bearings about the ship. This ship had been well cared for over the years, and it really showed. We eventually grabbed a bite to eat at the pizza shop, and found a spot on deck to participate in the Sail Away party. 

Let me stop here for a disclaimer. I’ve never been the type to be head over heels for Disney. Don’t get me wrong – I like Disney movies and Disney stuff, but never got fully immersed in everything Disney. I never have experienced the “magic” Disney was supposed to provide. I honestly just didn’t understand what that was all about, but it was only a matter of time. 

Back to the story. After the deck party, we went to our stateroom & met our wonderful stateroom attendant. He would be responsible for making sure we had everything we needed to make our stay magical. From extra linens, to unloading waters into our fridge, he was there to do it all. And he truly was there anytime we ever needed anything, whether it was from the dining room service, the window washers, or even the towel guys by the pool. Everyone was eager to help and did so with smiles on their faces. 


In my opinion, the cuisine was typical cruise dining and eats. There were lots of food and selections all over the ship. If you go hungry on a cruise ship, you might just be too picky. However, one meal that stood out was brunch at Palo. It by far was the best meal I’ve eaten on a cruise ship. If you get to cruise with Disney, then this is a definite must-do. There is an extra cost; however, you will NOT regret it. 


I typically stayed around the adult-only areas of the ship, and found it was relaxing and peaceful with no kids to be seen. The coffee shop was my all-time favorite, as specialty coffees could be purchased. The treats were free, and were the same selection each day. There were other adult-only activities sponsored by the ship, which included karaoke, bingo, and late-night game show typed events. Disney enforces the adult-only aspect, as we never saw any kids in the adult-only areas or activities. 


I attended all the shows the Disney Wonder offered. They were outstanding, and my favorite was Frozen. I was truly amazed at how they were able to mix puppetry with live action. This was also one of my 2nd must-dos on the ship. Don’t miss it!  Besides Frozen, my 3rd must-do on the ship was the Pirate night. They have a pirate deck party & fireworks show. The fireworks show was something that I never have experienced with any other cruise line, and it has gone down in the memory books. It was truly a site to be seen.

Now, that magic I spoke of earlier… Yes… I did FINALLY experience it! I get “it” now. It was on the night of the last day. They have an event where all the characters come out & say “SEE YOU LATER!“ The magic on all those kids’ faces was truly priceless. The hugs, smiles, and involvement the characters provided when they interacted with the kids was truly something you have to see to believe. The room was filled with so much happiness and laughter, that it was truly “MAGICAL.”

So, in closing, this avid cruiser will definitely take another Disney cruise. I want my husband & daughter to experience the magic as I did on this cruise. Not only will it give me an opportunity to experience it as a family but I will also get to experience all the things that I missed out on this time around. 

There were a few other highlights that I left out of this blog, including our wonderful excursions on Catalina Island & Ensenda, Mexico. If you would like more information about these excursions, or have any other questions, please feel free to reach out. I would be more than happy to share these adventures with you.

Your Fantasyworks Travel Advisor-Gaylene

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