Caribbean Coast versus Pacific Coast: Mexico’s Battle Royale

Mexico is a perfect idea when planning a vacation. It’s close, easy to get to, and has beautiful beaches. But which coast should you visit? Today we’re putting the Pacific Coast and Caribbean Coast up in a head-to-head battle. Which one will win?

Round 1 – Overview

The Caribbean Coast is well-known with towns like Cancun and Cozumel. Brimming with hot spots, it can feel like a 24/7 party. Thanks to the ferry system, visitors can now take day trips to islands like Isla Mujeres. Mexico’s Pacific Coast is often underrated and has so many places to explore and a great deal to offer. It has an old-world charm including quaint towns and staggering cliffs. With winding streets and a laid-back feel, it’s easy to see why America’s rich and famous from days gone by would vacation here.

Round 2 – Beaches

The Caribbean Coast has picturesque beaches, the ones you will find on the cover of magazines. Miles and miles of soft, white sand and turquoise water. Home to the second-largest reef system in the world, it is a fantastic location for snorkeling and diving. Be aware that during certain times of the year, the seaweed can take over the beach, and resorts are not always able to clean it up as quickly as it arrives.

The Pacific Coast has a more rugged, yet equally breathtaking terrain. Instead of one long beach, there are a multitude and no two are alike. Jaques Cousteau called this area the “aquarium of the world” because of the diverse marine life. The sunsets here are exquisite and you will likely find cafes or thatched-roof beach shacks right on the sand. With all that said, the waves are very strong. Perfect if you’re into surfing, but a little more difficult if you just want to swim, so stay in designated areas.

Round 3 – Activities

The Caribbean Coast is full of activities to keep you entertained. Developed as a tourist destination, there’s shopping, zip lines, and spas. On the more natural side, there are cenotes (natural sinkholes) which are the perfect place to explore and swim. The local Mayan culture is also woven into daily life. Ancient attractions abound such as the ruins of Chichen Itza. You can also participate in Mayan blessings and rituals.

The activities in Mexico’s Pacific Coast are much more varied and can contrast each other. Both quiet beach towns that can only be reached by boat, as well as high-end, luxury resorts reside here. Outdoor activities abound due to the jungle and mountainous landscape. These include hiking to waterfalls or scuba diving through tunnels and caverns.

Two unique destinations with completely different vibes? Who wins the Battle Royale for you? The Caribbean Coast or the Pacific Coast?

No matter which location you think sounds better, we are here to help. Let’s get you there so you can decide once and for all which coast is best.

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